Supporting biotechs on America’s West Coast

By Isabel Fernandes Cassule, Head of Regulatory Affairs

March 2022

Supporting biotechs on America’s West Coast

California’s biotech industry is booming. After years in the shadow of San Diego and Boston, Los Angeles recently made a claim to a foothold in the market with the launch of its Bioscience LA office in Culver City, set up as a headquarters for the many bioscience start-ups, entrepreneurs and researchers scattered across LA County. With Los Angeles coming online, California is now home to three world-class biotech and pharmaceutical hubs – LA, San Diego and the Bay Area – and these clusters are creating a huge demand for talent.

i-Pharm has just opened its West Coast operation on the back of successful growth in our US businesses in New York and Charlotte. We’ve seen a lot of demand for our services in regulatory affairs on the East Coast and are now looking forward to supporting fast-growth start-ups and entrepreneurs bringing on much-needed expertise in that area in California.

In the wake of Covid, the spotlight has shone brightly on the critical role that regulatory affairs executives can play in getting a product approved and onto the market against intensely challenging timelines. The best professionals bring a commercial nous to business strategy that can expedite FDA interactions and fast-track safety processes in order to get innovations generating revenues as quickly as possible.

Regulatory Affairs Executives can play a critical role in getting a product approved and onto the market against intensely challenging timelines.

But finding the right person for the job is critical for organisations looking to fill these roles because regulatory affairs have the ability to make or break a technology. Bringing in C-suite talent for Head of Regulatory Affairs positions and similar means hiring individuals with the ability to underpin future success – not only are those roles costly to fill, they are even more costly to get wrong.

We recognise that what makes the difference when recruiting for these roles is taking the time to ensure a candidate is genuinely the right fit… that values, approaches and ambitions must align. These are mission-critical positions, so we put in the groundwork to look at ALL aspects of a person’s suitability – always remembering that it is not the CV that turns up to the office each day.

In a booming industry full of rapidly expanding companies, talent is all. Whether your business is venture capital-backed, publicly-traded or part of a larger entity, competition is fierce and the battle to attract the right people is real.

We pride ourselves on building discreet and trusting relationships with candidates and helping them move into fulfilling long-term roles: at the moment, these senior regulatory professionals are really focused on joining companies with cultures that they like and career progression they can embrace.

For our clients, we pay the same close attention to identifying the best person for a role and getting it right first time.

It’s an exciting time to be launching in California. Do get in touch if you think we might be able to help you achieve your goals.

Isabel Cassule
Business Manager - Regulatory Affairs