Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With James Dalgety

What's it like to be a Senior Consultant on our UK-EU Contracts team who has been promoted twice in just 6 months and who has qualified for not one, not two, but THREE of our amazing incentive trips? Listen to what James Dalgety has to say about his journey at i-Pharm so far.

November 2019

Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With James Dalgety


When did you start working at i-Pharm?

I started early May 2019 😊


What initially attracted you to recruitment and why did you choose to work at i-Pharm?

After moving over from Australia where I had been working in Insurance & Energy sales for around 3-4 years, I was looking for a career change. Whilst I have always loved working in a sales environment, I wanted to find a direction where I had the ability to build on a platform in order to increase my earning potential rather than direct sales which can feel very transactional and leave you starting from scratch each day.

I talked to a lot of close friends who had moved into recruitment and they only had good things to say about the lifestyle, people and earning potential, so I decided to make the move.

I interviewed at a lot of different companies but none of them stood out to me. From start to finish the interview process at i-Pharm with Melissa and the management team felt super welcoming and genuine - at the same time the office still had a high energy buzz that I wanted to be a part of!



What training has i-Pharm offered you to support your personal growth to date?

In my previous roles, I never had any official training after the first 1-2 weeks, so the 12-week foundation programme was another huge selling point for me when I was considering the position with i-Pharm.

I really enjoyed the training especially since I had roles to work on whilst going through the foundations programme. This allowed me to give context to the information and training I was being given and I could put everything into practise immediately.

Harrison provides a training programme that is not a one size fits all approach. He takes your learning style, target market and suggestions into consideration and tailors it to your needs. With Harrison’s help in training and help from other members of my team, I was able to make a placement in just over 4 weeks with no prior experience in recruitment!

In terms of growth, i-Pharm provides a clear structure with different paths you can take depending on your strengths and clear targets to hit so you’re never be left guessing. After just 7 months I have now had two promotions and I’m eyeing a third for early 2020!

Recruitment has its challenges – how do you stay motivated?

Like any sales position, there are going to be times when things don’t go your way, but the feeling when the hard work pays off always outweighs the stressful times.

Because you are building a desk and growing your network every day, I am finding new motivation to work harder, improve my skillset and overcome the inevitable things that don’t go your way – it’s getting easier and easier as time goes on!

I won’t lie - the Incentives drive me just as much as anything else though! With a trip to Oktoberfest in September, the trip our team have planned to Paris in December and my recent qualification for the group trip to Los Angeles in 2020 – it is hard to deny that these weren’t all huge motivators for me, and they definitely keep things interesting!



What advice would you give a graduate considering a career in recruitment?

Go for it! Recruitment provides an environment where you will constantly be in a social environment with motivated and outgoing colleagues, have the ability to earn uncapped commission and the path for career progression is extremely achievable and clear from day one. My advice would be to have a chat with Mel, come see our office and find out for yourself 😊!

Favourite thing about working at i-Pharm!

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing but I would say for me it has been the people and the platform/network that i-Pharm has in place to help you achieve your personal goals (although it’s hard to not say that the incentives aren’t one of my favourite bits ✈🍻).

Within a matter of weeks of starting I was working on roles with some of the leading Life Science firms across Europe. From day one everyone was extremely welcoming and everyone is super genuine.

If you have questions about anything, want some assistance or just need a beer following a tough day there will always be someone up for it!


So, as thrilling as recruitment is, what are your hobbies outside of work? Those hobbies must have changed a bit when you came to the UK from Australia!

I’d say it’s been tricky to find hobbies in the cold England weather compared to Australia haha. Amongst others, my hobbies include traveling, camping, cooking, scuba diving, playing Cricket (although very terribly) and going to the gym.


Now to the important stuff – what’s your favourite food?

Well I am now a Vegan as of a month ago and I would say cooking is something I really enjoy. Fave food to eat or cook would have to be Vietnamese food!



Thanks for chatting with us, James! And can we just say how absolutely smashing you look in lederhosen? That’s a great look for you.

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