Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With Dom Williams

What's it like to be recently promoted to a Team Lead after joining i-Pharm as a Senior Consultant? Listen to what Dom Williams has to say about his journey at i-Pharm.

May 2019

Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With Dom Williams

When did you start working at i-Pharm?

March  2017


What initially attracted you to recruitment and why did you choose to work at i-Pharm?

Like many other people I’ll be the first to admit that I fell into recruitment! After interviewing with a graduate programme, I realised fairly quickly that it was an industry where I could utilise my social skills and work ethic. The opportunities to progress are unrivalled and there are very few feelings comparable to getting recognised and rewarded for your efforts. That sounds obvious, but until you’ve had the experience of working in a true meritocracy, it’s hard to fully understand!

I wanted to join i-Pharm within the first 10 seconds of interviewing. The office space embodies my Director’s approach – practical, transparent and professional. After sitting down with Stephen McAnaney, our CEO, it was clear to see how he had created a winning culture that continues to work at the forefront of the Life Sciences recruitment sector year-on-year.


How did you achieve your most recent promotion? What is your advice to consultants that are looking to take the next step in their careers?

I achieved my latest promotion through lots of hard work, some really good wins and the support of everybody in the London office! I changed markets within the business at the start and formed one half of the Quality & Manufacturing team that delivered permanent and contract solutions. This is another great example of how the business is committed to developing people internally wherever possible.

Once consultants have been working in recruitment for a little while (and basically know it’s for them – it’s definitely not for everyone!), I think it’s important to start thinking about the pathway you want to take so you have a goal to work towards. Luckily, i-Pharm has a variety of options available that all add serious value to the business and management is very good at laying the foundations to get you there. Work hard, have faith in your process and don’t be afraid to ask people for advice!

"It’s the unique growth strategies that truly set i-Pharm aside!"



How has your manager helped you achieve this promotion?

My manager Charles Sealey helped me immensely in gaining my most recent promotion. We have a really good relationship and I was (and still am!) fully invested in the idea of “winning together." My positive performance can enhance those around me, his own performance and ultimately, the output of the whole business. Charles laid out a clear plan for me and was always on hand to provide me with feedback and support along the way – I couldn’t have asked for anything else!


What training has i-Pharm offered you to support your personal growth to date?

As anybody in the industry will know, i-Pharm is blessed to have one of the best trainers in the game (shout out to Leah Naffah!). People development can be a big downfall in recruitment organisations, but i-Pharm has bespoke training plans that ensure you have every tool required for success. We’ve had development courses on Business Development, Organisational Skills and Leadership to name a few, and most recently we held a Reflective Leadership Forum in our London office with our international management staff that was extremely beneficial. It’s the unique growth strategies that truly set i-Pharm aside!




Recruitment has its challenges – how do you stay motivated?

“Recruitment has its challenges” is a huge understatement! Whether you’re a top biller, CEO or trainee consultant you’d be lying if you said you’ve had a smooth journey. My motivation is always maintained through a clear vision of what I’m trying to achieve. It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel like you’re fighting fog, but when you have a structure of your targets, you can really keep moving forward.


What advice would you give a graduate considering a career in recruitment?

Be brave enough to walk away from academia! It’s the only life you’ve known for at least 3 years and recruitment is very different, although there are skills you can definitely bring with you. I’d say it’s worth reading up on the recruitment industry in general and also considering what you want longer-term goals you want to achieve. There’s not many industries where you can leave university and make life-changing amounts of money with no prior experience, so make sure you’ve researched the companies you’re interviewing with thoroughly – if I were you, I’d check out i-Pharm!


What's your favourite thing about working at i-Pharm?

My favourite thing about i-Pharm is the togetherness. I have loved being here since Day 1 and I have made incredible friends since. I’m looking forward to seeing what we all will achieve together in 2019 and for years to come!




Thanks for chatting with us, Dom! Can we just say how dapper you look whilst enjoying the tennis at the Queens Club...absolutely smashing, darling. 


If you're interested in working with Dom or hearing more about his experience at i-Pharm to decide if you want to work with us, get in touch with him: or connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here


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