"Do I Risk Changing Jobs in Regulatory Affairs During a Pandemic?"

Emma Fleury in our Munich office discusses a hot topic of concern for her Regulatory Affairs network in Germany - "Should I apply for a new role in Regulatory Affairs during Covid-19?"

June 2020

By Dr. Emma Fleury

Practice Manager, Regulatory Affairs, i-Pharm Munich


This has of course been a hot topic of discussion these past few months and I think it will continue to be a question weighing on minds of those considering if they should apply to a new role.

Changing jobs will always depend on the job you are currently in and what shape your current company is in. That being said, I would say that the Covid-19 pandemic should not prevent you from switching jobs. On the contrary, this time could paradoxically present you with some nice opportunities. 

Surprised? Here are two reasons that shaped my opinion:

1. Regulatory is Essential

Many Regulatory functions are rarely outsourced because they deeply define the specific business or scientific identity for companies (i.e. strategy & intelligence, new MAA, CMC relating to manufacturing or CMOs, etc). The emergence of Covid-19 doesn't mean other diseases have been eradicated. Other drugs still need to be registered. Your job is as important as it was before the pandemic.

Though these are challenging times, I think that we need to remind ourselves of the core missions of our professions and let those inform the best possible decisions for our future!


2. Germany is Employee-Friendly

As headhunter from an international recruitment agency, I can assure you that Germany has one of the most highly regarded employee-friendly labour legislation and overall mentality.

Consequently, especially in a time like this one, businesses are trying to optimise their hiring plans to fill essential roles to avoid future shortages. Therefore, the positions that you are reading about are more stable and safer than you think, otherwise it would not be advertised.


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