How can Clients attract more candidates into Clinical?

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As a candidate, joining the 268,000 people who are directly involved in the life sciences in...

As a candidate, joining the 268,000 people who are directly involved in the life sciences industry as of 2020, has never been more thrilling - especially within clinical research and clinical trials! In the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry however, extensive hiring procedures with multiple-stage interviews are not uncommon. It's crucial to keep in mind that every step of the hiring process has the potential to make or ruin your employer reputation.

Currently, the Clinical market is seeing a surge in demand for candidates because of the various moving parts involved in drug development, as well as new innovative research opportunities.

So, how can companies attract more candidates into clinical without losing out on promising talent?

Offering Better Compensation and Benefit Packages

Employees desire to be adequately compensated for the work they do, regardless of their generation, gender, or location and organisation’s need to ensure they are remaining competitive in the market. However, this is not limited to monetary value. In a candidate-driven market, a strong pension package, private healthcare benefits, and other perks, such as stock options, can all be effective recruitment and retention tools.

As a business, it’s important to consider what else you can offer in addition to a competitive wage and benefits package to give you a competitive edge. According to the 2018 Global Talent Trends study, 51% of employees want to see more attention paid to work-life balance. Regardless of the sector, many in-demand individuals are increasingly looking for flexible work schedules, remote employment options, and excellent holiday benefits.

Promoting Training and Career Progression Opportunities

You can't truly have one without the other; promotion and career development frequently go hand in hand with training. Professional development opportunities have numerous advantages for both organisations and employees, such as better productivity and retention rates. Candidates are likely to be drawn to and retained by employers who provide clear career paths and are willing to invest in their employees' ongoing professional development since it communicates a commitment to their future.

Promoting Company Culture 

It is important for companies to set time aside in their recruitment process to promote their company culture and values. Glassdoor conducted a “Mission and Culture Survey” in 2018, across four countries and the main takeaways from the survey all highlight the importance of company culture. Over 77% of adults consider a company's culture, and 79% assess the mission and purpose of the organisation before applying. Many candidates in the clinical market are driven by their goal to help better the lives of patients through drug development and clinical research. Companies which match this mission with the same determination, are more likely to attract and retain the top candidates.

Consult a Specialist Recruiter

As well as the above, one of the quickest and most efficient methods of attracting and retaining candidates is to work with a specialist recruiter. i-Pharm Consulting is a leading provider of staffing services in the Clinical space. We support our clients throughout the entire drug development lifecycle, from drug discovery to pre-clinical research and clinical trials. We help our clients to streamline their recruitment processes and attract more talent efficiently by providing a knowledgeable and unbiased perspective.

i-Pharm Consulting is a leading provider of staffing services in the Clinical space working with a large range of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Contract Research Organisations. Get in touch here to find out more.