Case Study: Skilled Contractors for Emerging Biotech

At a Glance.

Our client is an emerging biotechnology company that is rapidly changing the clinical trials industry with its innovative and accelerated approach.

As they continue to revolutionise the way clinical trials are conducted, they require skilled professionals in the field and must remain flexible with their workforce.

Case Study: Skilled Contractors for Emerging Biotech

The Challenge.

As an organisation grows, it's crucial to hire the right talent to add value and minimize costs. Relying solely on full-time, permanent employees may result in sunk costs and decreased productivity within the team.

Additionally, the expenses associated with hiring unsuitable permanent candidates could negatively impact the operating budget and internal staffing teams, who may need to continue filling the same positions.

The Solution.

i-Pharm was able to offer the client consultants who specialise in the industry, tailored to their business model. This enabled them to access highly skilled professionals as required, while also assessing their performance without incurring the full cost of employing them permanently.

The Outcome.

A Clinical Trial Manager with extensive experience was hired to assist with a study and made a positive impact on their operations, ultimately leading to faster progress in the trial. 

The consultant's influence extended to the trial team, assisting in the development of internal staff while relieving the management team of responsibilities.

Quotation Marks
i-Pharm made a significant contribution to our business by securing an expert-level candidate who was previously unavailable through traditional permanent openings.
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