Case Study: Global Pharma - Regulatory Affairs.

At a Glance.

A global Pharmaceutical company ranked in the top 20 was searching for a Director of Regulatory Affairs to join their Oncology team.

Case Study: Global Pharma - Regulatory Affairs.

The Challenge.

Recruiting for this client can be more challenging due to it being a privately held company. Unlike other big Pharma companies, they cannot offer equity, and their compensation packages may be less competitive.

The Solution.

i-Pharm contacted individuals in comparable positions at rival companies and narrowed down potential candidates who expressed dissatisfaction with their current company's culture and pipeline, rather than those solely seeking a promotion or salary boost.

The Outcome.

Through a comprehensive client briefing and gathering information about the company's culture, work structure, job description, and other key factors, i-Pharm successfully appealed to the candidates' underlying motivations, such as seeking a long-term match and better work-life balance.

As a result, i-Pharm was able to identify a candidate who was willing to consider a lateral financial move in exchange for a better cultural fit.

Quotation Marks
After conducting an extensive search, i-Pharm were able to create a network of candidates whose motivations aligned with the our offerings. As a result, i-Pharm successfully supported us with finding six individuals across two distinct groups.
Global Pharmaceutical Company