Case Study: CRO hiring Project Managers in New Territories.

At a Glance.

Australian CRO sought to broaden their operations in the US. When venturing into new territories, additional resources were necessary to facilitate business growth, which is where i-Pharm stepped in to assist.

Case Study: CRO hiring Project Managers in New Territories.

The Challenge.

The company faced challenges in hiring project managers, particularly due to their Talent Acquisition team being based in the Asia-Pacific region. The time difference made it difficult to devote full attention to the search, and they required candidates from the West Coast due to time zone constraints.

Given the competitive job market, location limitations, and being in a different region, they sought the assistance of a specialist to fill their positions.

The Solution.

A strategic plan was devised by i-Pharm to aid in the search for suitable candidates. The plan was tailored and involved utilizing various sourcing methods at high volume levels to identify qualified individuals who met the specified criteria.

Additionally, we were able to allocate sufficient time to candidate control, a task that can be challenging for internal Talent Acquisition professionals due to the large number of roles they handle.

The Outcome.

i-Pharm successfully filled the very first vacancy the CRO provided and, although the volume was never excessive, we consistently delivered whenever we were assigned a role. 

Quotation Marks
i-Pharm always perform consistently against any requirements they are given and their candidate control is always excellent.
Australian CRO