Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With Lauren McQuade

What's it like to be recently promoted to a Team Lead of our European Contracts division? Listen to what Lauren McQuade has to say about her journey at i-Pharm.

October 2019

Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With Lauren McQuade

What initially attracted you to recruitment and why did you choose to work at i-Pharm?

I had been working in i-Pharm’s Compliance and Sales Support department for a while before I started doing recruitment. I saw a lot of my friends doing this really fast paced, fun and high earning sales role and I wanted a piece of the pie. So why did I choose i-Pharm initially? The people and industry - simple! I had supported recruitment functions in Tech, Audit/Finance and Energy, but Life Sciences stood out the most as an area that I was most interested in. I also felt in my own small way I was making a difference in the world working within that discipline! It helped that the Senior Management team and all the consultants I had encountered at i-Pharm were awesome and very supportive of my transition into recruitment. 


When did you start working at i-Pharm?

Including my time in non-recruitment roles it will be 7 years this month with 3.5 years of that in recruitment!! Sounds like a long time, but in all honesty, it has flown by. I joined the company at 19 with very little work experience and i-Pharm has given me an incredible opportunity which has seen me grow from an Office Admin to our Contract Clinical Operations Team Leader for Europe - I’m not sure how many consultants these days can say that!




What training has i-Pharm offered you to support your personal growth to date?

Oh, I’ve had it all: Contracts Focused sales training days from external and internal experts/top billers, contractor care, compliance and legal training for our Contracts division, and numerous training programs. I have experienced it all and these types of training have enabled me to grow from a wide-eyed rookie to a Team Leader moving into management who is now completing our Leadership Program! All of this comes from our excellent L&D department, but this is complemented by the day-day training that comes directly from our Senior Management team and my co-workers around me that also have a huge impact on my career and sales successes.


Recruitment has its challenges – how do you stay motivated?

By setting clear achievable short-term goals for myself, keeping a positive mindset and sustaining a healthy internal competition (and lots of coffee).


What advice would you give a graduate considering a career in recruitment?

There is virtually no other industry or job where you are you given the opportunity to so easily change your earnings and your life straight out of University. You’ve literally got nothing to lose!



Favourite thing about working at i-Pharm!

Aside from all the clear career development opportunities and earning potential that I’ve already touched on above, honestly, it’s such a laugh and the people I’ve met along the way have been phenomenal.


What’s your favourite hobby outside work OR what’s your favourite food?

Going to swerve the favourite hobby question for good measure but give me a Lamb Biryani from Kishmish for breakfast lunch or dinner any day! (Okay maybe not breakfast…maybe…).













Thanks for chatting with us, Lauren! Winner, winner...lamb biryani dinner...? Also - who doesn't love a banging biryani?!

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