Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With Charles Sealey

What's it like to be a Associate Director at i-Pharm in our London office? Well, lucky for you, Charles Sealey sat down with us to tell us all about it!

July 2019

Real World: i-Pharm Edition - With Charles Sealey

So, why did you decide to join i-Pharm?

Like many people, I was quite happy in my previous role and wasn’t actively looking when I was approached by i-Pharm. The pitch sounded exciting, so I agreed to an initial call. Within 30 minutes I knew this was a company I wanted to work for. Stephen (the CEO) was able to paint a very clear picture of where the company was heading and my potential role on that journey. After three tough interviews and two fantastic years of working at i-Pharm,  I can safely say that I would make the same decision all over again.


Can you talk us through your journey with us so far and how i-Pharm facilitated your career development?

I started as a Senior Business Manager in May of 2017, where I looked after a team of consultants who were focusing on permanent recruitment within the UK. My role has subsequently evolved several times and I am now an Associate Director responsible for all UK and European permanent recruitment. With the support of our fantastic L&D function, I have gained a much better understanding of my strengths, weakness and key areas for growth. I always have support around me to analyse my performance to ensure I am constantly developing and moving forwards with my career.


What inspires or drives you as a leader?

I am one of those people who loves and feeds off success. Success in this job means doing a fantastic job for our clients and candidates, which in turn is great for our company - it’s a win-win. When I first started in recruitment as a consultant, success was making placements and hitting my own personal billing targets. Now that I am in a senior leadership role, I am driven by helping others to develop and achieve. Our team incentive trips help as well!



How would you describe your leadership style?

My leadership style is very much in line with how we do things generally here at i-Pharm. Supportive, encouraging, structured…but giving

"As a leader we often think we need to have all the answers and that we must know more than those whom we lead. This is simply not true, we can all learn from each other regardless of job title."


Describe what it’s like to build a team at i-Pharm?

In a nutshell, rewarding. Having the opportunity to help somebody learn something new, overcome an obstacle or hit a target that they never thought was possible is amazing. Take that feeling and multiply it for every new person who joins a team and you can guarantee you will be able to smile every single day!


What advice would you give to senior, experienced consultants who are aspiring for a leadership role in the business?

One of my favourite quotes is “The beginning of wisdom is the statement ‘I don’t know’. The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything” This, for me, is key. As a leader we often think we need to have all the answers and that we must know more than those whom we lead. This is simply not true - we can all learn from each other regardless of job title.


What do you think are they key elements involved for someone to be successful within recruitment?

Not worrying about making mistakes and a "never give up" attitude. I believe that between the in-depth market training, plethora of experienced specialist consultants and structured development plans that we have the tools needed for anybody to succeed. All they need to bring is an attitude to try and try again.


What is your best memory to date of working with i-Pharm?

This may sound cliché, but I believe it is yet to come. I am lucky enough to be going on an all-expenses paid trip to Tokyo to experience the culture during the Rugby World Cup 2019. As an avid Rugby fan and a man with a burning desire to visit Japan after watching The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift (great movie) I think that this trip will be filled with memories that are going to be hard to top. 

A few members on my team might say that my best memory was when I shaved my face for our annual Charity Day in association with Cancer Research UK...I'm sure there's a picture somewhere...


Don't worry, Charles! We absolutely love those photos! The hair might be off, but the smile is definitely on. Thanks for much for talking with us! Interested in joining Charles' team or having a confidential chat about what it's like to work here in our HQ in London? Get in touch by connecting with him on LinkedIn, sending him an email or giving him a call at +44 (0) 20 3189 0467.


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