Q&A with Jonathan Lee King, Practice Lead

With the company growing at an exponential rate, we’re talking to some of our current employees to find out what working at i-Pharm is like behind the scenes, top tips on becoming a successful recruiter and why you should join our journey. Reach out to us for more information on our current vacancies!

June 2022

Q&A with Jonathan Lee King, Practice Lead

How long have you worked at i-Pharm Consulting and what are the main responsibilities of your role?

I have been working at i-Pharm for 1 year and 9 months. The main responsibilities of my role fall into three key areas. Firstly, I work as a billing consultant, leading from the front in a typical one to one model and being involved with candidates every day. The second component is involving myself with all our clients, to truly understand their business in a holistic way, allowing our team to be more proactive rather than reactive. Thirdly, I am building the Pre-commercial Sciences Team here on the East Coast and on the West Coast, ensuring we are at the heart of all life sciences and can offer a true support structure to all our clients in the Americas.


Tell us a bit about your Functional Specialism

My team covers everything from discovery to clinical trials and we cover that across the four major subsets of life sciences: CROs, CMOs, Biotechnology and Global Pharmaceutical Companies. Whether that be computer modelling or physical testing, we do everything when it comes to science in those four major subsets. Think of anyone who is a PhD, someone who works in a science lab in a long white coat. We work with these scientists on everything from the animal model to the human model and beyond, until it launches as a product into the market.


How did you get to where you are now?

A lot of mentoring, asking questions, true grit and showing up every single day. There’s probably a lot of people at my age who have more high-profile or strategic roles. However, what I personally love about what I do is being involved with candidates, clients and making a positive impact in terms of the internal recruitment careers here. I’m involved in all aspects in terms of management, client engagement and candidate pooling to keep up to date with what everyone is currently doing within the market.


What do you enjoy most about working at i-Pharm?

Our culture, we are a family. Even if you are doing well and you’re just looking for future advice, we are supportive and collaborative on a daily basis no matter what. We have a culture of learning, being mature and getting the job done but at the same time we are also there for one another. It’s not always the short how do I press a button question but rather, tips that are going to benefit someone and their career long term. It’s those long-lasting relationships at the end of the day, this culture and perspective of family that we want to drive home.


What do you think makes your team a success?

This is down to one word: collaboration. We partner together, we collaborate together and get things done. If I need something, I know someone on my team can help manage that and vice versa. I don’t consider there to currently be a manager and employee structure, although in some ways you need to keep that balance. The biggest thing here is ensuring everyone understands the direction of where we are going and what we are trying to achieve. If we work together, then we celebrate together and if we fail then we fail together. We are consistently growing, and we will eventually be hiring more individuals across our team who will be able to communicate in a collaborative way and who will help to further develop and grow our functional expertise.

For the last two years now, we have been able to create, refine and streamline a process that has helped the learning curve overall in terms of how we do things differently as a team. This brings true value to both our candidates and clients, and we often hear that the way we work differs to what they normally experience.

What have been your proudest achievements, individually and as a team?

For the last two years now, we have been able to create, refine and streamline a process that has helped the learning curve overall in terms of how we do things differently as a team. This brings true value to both our candidates and clients, and we often hear that the way we work differs to what they normally experience. Having that process enables the team to focus less on the logistics and more on developing their market knowledge, patterns of behaviours and the psychology of recruitment. We’ve seen that with one person on our team here, who received four offers in their first three months at i-Pharm. That’s a difficult thing to achieve when taking into consideration the new market, new clients, new role, lots of training and all those other factors on top of someone’s busy schedule. It’s a fantastic thing for them to be able to come in, identify some candidates, work through the process and receive offers in that timeframe.

Individually, I’m proud of being able to show up each and every single day and put my best foot forward to support the team internally in the best way possible. Additionally, I’m proud of the relationships and the contacts that I’ve been able to establish here as this has given me the opportunity to sign the highest number of retainers inside of the business so far in the US. This has provided myself and the other teams many opportunities because of the client’s buy-in, in terms of what I do and then the alliance and trust to say, here’s someone I trust, you should work with them. I look back and realise my biggest wins are relational wins that turned into financial capital on a reliable basis, that ultimately opened opportunities for others in different teams.


What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know?

I did a lot of humanitarian work as I was growing up, because of that I like to say that I have lived at the base of a volcano and on a garbage dump for a month or so each. In my free time I do like to give back when I can.


If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as they seem like really cool people! I would love to hang out with them and have some good laughs.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into recruitment?

At the end of the day, if someone truly wants to get into recruitment, they must establish what their competencies and goals are. A big impactful question for me was asking myself what I want to see out of myself in 20 years’ time. When I thought about that question, I knew I wanted to be financially independent and to be able to put money into projects like the humanitarian efforts that I was involved in. You must know what competencies are going to drive you to the long term because that end goal is the thing that ties you into having a purpose to wake up every day. If you know your competencies and that makes sense to you in terms of your long-term goals, then you will have that x factor to tie you into the future for success, therefore making recruitment a good medium to get there.


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