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Time to Discuss is about lifting the lid on some of the everyday exchanges that we have with the Life Sciences industry. It is about sharing some of those insights, because we recognise that we are in a privileged position and that everyone can benefit if we share what we know and use it to spark further dialogue. We have a global network of candidates nurtured over our 13 years and we are partners to some of the industry’s biggest employers, helping them source, select, secure and develop the specialist talent they need. That gives us a lot to talk about.

Time to Discuss with…Byran Ball, Chief Quality Officer at Intercept Pharmaceuticals

"Finding people who can speak the language of the business, of the science and know where the line is, that’s our challenge."

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Time to Discuss with…Harry Jawanda, Quality Assurance Consultant, Tolmar

"All the big pharma companies will have their own vaccines and that will create a lot of work for quality consultants, that is still just in its infancy right now."

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Time to Discuss with…Glenn Marina, Former SVP Global Quality and Operations at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

"Today I see many people trying to get as much cross-functional fertilisation as possible,” he says, “particularly when quality talent is in such high demand..."

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Time to Discuss with…Nehal Bhatt, QMS and Compliance Independent Consultant at Quality Executive Partners

"With next generation medicine coming, we need a next generation workforce ready to design and validate those processes."

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Time to Discuss with… James Leary, Project Manager, Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing, Quality and Technical Oversight

"We were moving towards a just-in-time approach to sourcing, and that came back to bite us. That move towards lean processes may come in for re-evaluation."

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Time to Discuss with…Alexander Schacht, Project Lead Statistician, UCB

"Statisticians play a really important role in the development of medicines and generally in the medical field. All the decisions we take as an industry are based on data..."

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